Tecnofreight celebrates it’s first 20 years!

05 Jun 2017

Saturday 27th May Tecnofreight celebrated its 20th anniversary with an event held at Casinò di San Pellegrino Terme, with the partecipation of more than 200 people among employers, clients, suppliers, agents.

About Tecnofreight
Tecnofreight was founded in 1997. At the time, the company was operating in a little office of around 40 square meters in the center of Osio Sotto (province of Bergamo). It was employing 4 people.

The company rapidly grew and only two years later it was necessary to move to a bigger office in Osio Sotto and later, in 2000 to buy a warehouse of 300 mq and a building for the offices of 700 mq, where Tecnofreight is still located.

These relocations were the result of the growth ofthe turnover:
1997 Lire 1.696.000.000 (euro 876.000)
1998 Lire (euro 1,70 milioni)
2005 Euro 10,50 millions
2010 Euro 14,50 millions
2015 Euro 25 millions

With the same speed also the number of employees has grown, till the current number of 60 people. Tecnofreight is still looking for young talents to hire.

Future projects
For Tecnofreight, after the first 20 years, is now time to think of the future: after the consolidation of the business, especially export towards the Middle East and import from Asia and India, 2017 is the time for the development of the Tecnofreight Express division, with the dedicated service for super-urgent goods, that travel with the company of a trusted person.

2017-2018 will be also the years of new openings abroad: Brasil and Marocco, in partnership with our local agents but with the trademark Tecnofreight.

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