International Freight Forwarders since 1997

Creating Value

In 1997 Tecnofreight was founded in Osio Sotto, a province of Bergamo, Italy. Today the group operates out of three locations, with over 700 square meters of office space and over 6,000 square meters of warehouse, including customs’ areas. The Osio location area is not far from the A4 Pedemontana highway exit.

If we were a manufacturing company we could show data, charts and statistics to give you a complete picture of our company’s productivity.

In our case we offer something more: “high quality service” provided by our excellent staff of industry experts and professionals.

This we believe is reason for our strength, success and is the reason for Tecnofreight‘s steady and continued development.

The careful personalization our services are where we are increasingly investing our time, effort and resources always striving to provide a higher level of quality to our customers.


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