Alessandro Saponaro

Founder and Consultant

“Tecnofreight’s 20 year history of hard work and dedication can be summed up in one word:


The company started in 1997 in a small office in the center of Osio Sotto (Bergamo, Italy) with only two business partners and two employees. Today we represent a group made up of several companies and over 700 square meters of office space, over 6000 square meters of warehouse space (including customs areas) and more than 80 employees.

What is the secret of our success, is it our luck, skills, employees? We’re not sure. However, one thing we are sure of is the trust and confidence our customers have, always had, and continue to have in us.

As of today we’re pleased and proud to present our third Tecnofreight decade and third generation… and why not?”


Matteo Saponaro



Marco Saponaro



Yaneth Ochoa

Export Area Manager and Sales Manager