Saudi Arabia: new regulation on import of chemical products

17 Nov 2015

Saudi Arabia: from 12th December prior approval needed to import chemical products.

Arabia Saudita: dal 12 dicembre necessaria la pre-approvazione per l’importazione di prodotti chimici.


All chemical products imported to Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, will be subject to a new regulation.

The consignee will have to arrange prior approval from the port authorities to ensure cargo discharge in Jeddah. To obtain the approval, these are the steps:

– The importer or the consignee has to submit to the Jeddah port customs the approval form, that will release, upon verification, a no objection endorsement to discharge the shipping in Jeddah.

– The importer/consignee has to submit the verified form to the shipping agent.

– Prior ship arrival, the shipping agent has to complete the form with the Billof Lading number, port of loading, vessel name or voyage, date of arrival. He has to submit the form to te Jadah port authority along with the Hazardous cargo manifest.

The new regulation is effective from 12th December 2015. After that date, any chemical shipments without the prior permit will not be discharged.